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Annie's Big Dance
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Annies Big Dance


The Scene The living room of a very upscale townhouse in Georgetown. A thin, blond girl in a tutu dances in the middle of the room.  Several distinguished looking men and women are sitting around the room, chatting.


Girl:        Look at me, look at me, Im dancing, Im dancing!


                  Look at me, Uncle Dick!


Dick:      Nice dancing, Annie, you look very pretty.


Girl:      Look at me everybody, I can spin around and around. Look at me Uncle Rummy, when I say something outrageous, I spin faster and faster.


Rummy:      Thats nice, Ann, very nice dancing.


Girl:      Look at me Auntie Condi, if I say All liberals are traitors I spin around faster!


                  Wheee!  If I say Its good that soldiers die in Iraq, it builds our national character I spin around faster and faster!!


Condi:        Of course Annie, you are a good dancer.  We all love to watch your shows!


Rupert:      Yes, Annie, I love to show people our videos of your dancing.


Girl:            I bet I can spin around faster than anyone!  Hmmm Max Cleland was lucky that he had three limbs blown off in Vietnam, otherwise, he would be a nobody.  See?  Faster and faster!!


                  Everything is going much better than expected in Iraq.  Im spinning around faster and faster.


                  I know!  I know what I can say!  It will make me spin the fastest yet!


Condi:      Careful, Annie


Girl:      Whoops!  I got dizzy!  I guess I spun too fast.  Uncle Dick, will you help me get up?  Uncle Dick?  Uncle Rummy?  Please dont go away, help me get up so I can dance some more.


                  Auntie Condi, youre not watching me any more!  Auntie Condi!


                  Grampa Rupert, will you make them watch me??!!


Rupert:       Oh Roger, please get her out of the living room.  We have company coming.

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